Speaker Recognition and Contact Centres

Speech recognition is the ability of a computer to recognise spoken words. Speech recognition software is now becoming commonplace in today’s digitally connected world. In recent years, its growing use in consumer technology has made it nearly synonymous with popular voice-activated digital assistants.

Call center customer interactions contain a goldmine of valuable information and thanks to recent technology advancements, there are now several technology solutions that allow call centers to make good use of their data. Speech recognition technology is one of them.

Amongst other things, call centres can use speech recognition technology to identify customers who need special attention, pinpoint industry trends, and analyze customer behavior and purchasing patterns, while also identifying problematic products or services and help low-performing agents improve their performance.

By leveraging speech recognition technology, it is now possible to identify customers based solely on their voice. So, all customers have to do is to say their name out loud and the system will identify them by recognising and analyzing their voice. Therefore, with speech recognition technology, customers can use their own voice as passwords, with each customer’s voice being as unique as their fingerprints. This of course, allows call centers to significantly simplify their customer identification processes.

In practice, speech recognition solutions make real-time suggestions to agents, encouraging them, for example, to make an upsell offer if they detect enthusiasm in the customer’s voice. Similarly, when the system identifies anger or frustration, it can warn agents of the situation.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of using voice recognition in any setting – whether it’s a call center or somewhere else – is that it speeds up the process of data collection or documentation in a way that is unparalleled.

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