CentrePal Attains Microsoft Teams Certified Solution Status

Image of a contact centre agent, with text "Redefining Customer Engagement: CentrePal Contact Centre Certified for Microsoft Teams"

Melbourne, Australia – January 2024: CentrePal, a leading innovator in contact centre solutions, proudly announces its designation as a Microsoft Teams Certified Contact Center Solution. This significant achievement highlights CentrePal’s dedication to delivering high-quality, reliable, and seamlessly integrated contact centre experiences within the Microsoft ecosystem.

“Being recognised as a Microsoft Teams Certified Solution is a testament to our commitment in ensuring our customers receive the highest quality and most reliable experience. With this certification, our customers can be confident in our platform’s ability to seamlessly integrate and function within the Microsoft ecosystem,” says Tim Suley, Product Marketing Manager at CentrePal.

The Microsoft Teams Certified Solution status is a significant milestone for CentrePal, demonstrating our commitment to providing advanced, reliable contact centre solutions within the Microsoft Teams ecosystem. This certification not only validates our solution’s readiness for critical business applications, ensuring high performance, security, and reliability, but also reinforces our role as a key player in the industry. Through our advanced Extend Integration model, CentrePal delivers a truly native Teams experience, enhancing the user experience and workflows for improved operational efficiency, agent productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Additionally, CentrePal’s strategic use of Microsoft Azure as its foundation allows for unparalleled scalability, resilience, and security. This, coupled with the incorporation of cutting-edge Generative AI technology, positions CentrePal at the forefront of contact centre innovation, offering solutions that are not only advanced but also adaptable to the evolving needs of modern businesses.

CentrePal’s diverse customer base, encompassing various industries and use cases, demonstrates the solution’s versatility and adaptability. This broad applicability, combined with the recent certification, makes CentrePal a compelling choice for businesses seeking a dependable and mature contact centre solution.

About CentrePal:

CentrePal, a Melbourne, Australia based company, revolutionises contact centre operations by seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Teams. As a native, and Microsoft Certified solution, CentrePal enhances Microsoft’s leading collaboration tool into a robust, cloud-based contact centre, providing omnichannel capabilities and unparalleled user experience.