Introducing CentrePal Microsoft Teams Contact Centre


CentrePal is a cloud-based contact centre (CCaaS) solution for Microsoft Teams and it will be first made available for customer preview starting from January 2021.

CentrePal has been created by a team of experienced professionals in the fields of Unified Communications, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing and Software Engineering. It is a fully fledged contact centre solution that fully integrates with Microsoft Teams.

CentrePal is a fully featured omni-channel contact center solution which includes customer self-service and IVR, advanced routing and queuing, and delivery of customer interactions to Teams clients on agent devices. This offering also provides a suite of management tools for the contact center, including compliance recording, quality management, and comprehensive reporting and analytics. Organisations who use both Teams Direct Routing and Calling Plans will be able to use CentrePal to expand functionality to include their contact centre. Organisations could choose their own telephony options for voice connectivity, while leveraging call delivery, supervisor monitoring and control of calls handled by agents using Teams across any number of physical locations.

Seamless integration with a centralised communications system such as Microsoft Teams, empowers agents to communicate and collaborate through a single interface. Agents can use the integrated directory, search and presence features to find the subject matter or operating expert they need. They can determine availability and collaborate in real time with a single click. This ability to access information and collaborate with ease and in an instance would be a great contributor to higher efficiency and increased customer satisfaction.

The team at CentrePal are eager to grow their system with enhanced technological features with the view of enhancing the contact centre experience. A technological roadmap that would see the solution integrate with such services as Conversational AI, Machine Learning, Analytics and channel-agnostic features through the integration of data from multiple channels has been set out. Centred around growth and development, CentrePal looks to revolutionise the modern contact centre.

With a vast amount of knowledge and expertise in unified communications and digital product development, the team at CentrePal operates with the vision of assisting organisations in their digital communications and encouraging the digital transformation of enterprise communications. The CentrePal team, based in Australia is dedicated to uplifting and enhancing the contact centre experience for both customers and agents alike.

Learn all about CentrePal Contact Centre for Microsoft Teams and find out how it can transform your customers’ experience.