CentrePal – Microsoft Teams Native Contact Centre

A contact centre solution gives an organisation a host of tools that would empower it to resolve customer issues via multiple channels. It would also contain the tools an organisation would need to monitor calls and analyse data for training and development of its agents. Automated call distribution, CRM integration, multichannel queues, an outbound dialer and workforce management are more modern features that are found in these solutions.

CentrePal is a contact centre solution built for Microsoft Teams. Use CentrePal to enhance your organisation’s contact centre capabilities with all the functionality of Microsoft Teams. It uses Microsoft’s native Communications APIs and are optimised to deliver a seamless experience. A pre-built unified communications integration for your contact centre which enables company-wide collaboration and gives customers faster service.

Today’s contact centers provide much more than support – they act as one of the main vehicles for interaction and unfiltered feedback on a customer’s experience with a brand. Due to the breadth of channels that today’s customers prefer to engage across (phone, email, text, social) and the expanded volume of touch points associated with present day customer behaviour, many organisations have realized that managing this data requires tools that can help drive consistency, constant improvement, and scale.

Give any organisation the ability to adapt to situations with inter-device compatibility and an evergreen platform with continuous updates and support. Benefit from every new feature added to Teams as it is integrated directly with CentrePal and experience an evolving platform with enterprise-grade reliability.

Created by a team of experienced professionals in the fields of UC, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing and Software Engineering; with a vast amount of knowledge and expertise in unified communications and digital product development, the team at CentrePal operates with the vision of assisting organisations in their digital communications and encouraging the digital transformation of corporate communications.

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