Conversational AI – Transform Your Contact Centre

Conversational AI allows organisations to achieve higher standards of efficiency and heightened customer satisfaction by providing a central interface surfaced over any channel that controls, queues, and executes the series of back-end processes, integrations and chatbots required to deliver a response to your customer’s query.

Simplify your customers’ support journey by providing the same experience regardless of which department they need with a centralised bot. This approach allows for business users in each department of an organisation to maintain control over their specific domain, while delivering a frictionless experience to the customer. This further functions to bridge the gaps between Customer Service, Sales and Technical Support.

Customers want to interact with you, but on their terms, using their preferred communications tools. Conversational AI enables you to deliver the same experience over any channel because people simply need to ask for what they want to achieve. A centralised AI bot provides a single interface accessible over any channel for all your customer facing departments. This helps you build familiarity and trust with customers, providing you more opportunities for digital engagement.

Conversational AI allows you to integrate easily into existing back-end systems and services and incorporate them into customer interactions to deliver more complete, accurate answers. From simply raising a ticket in ServiceNow to more complex processes such as Mortgage approvals, integration allows you to deliver an even greater experience to your customers.

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