Enhance Customer Engagement with CentrePal Web Chat: Your Key to Seamless Communication

CentrePal Web Chat

Effective customer engagement is more crucial than ever in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. Organisations are constantly seeking innovative solutions to connect with their customers seamlessly, be that on the phone or via web chat. As an Australian-based leader in cloud contact centre solutions for Microsoft Teams, CentrePal is excited to announce the debut of its new omnichannel capabilities – CentrePal Web Chat.

With its fully integrated web chat feature within the Microsoft Teams agent experience app, CentrePal Web Chat revolutionises customer communication and empowers organisations to deliver exceptional customer service. Let’s dive into the exciting capabilities of CentrePal Web Chat and discover how it can elevate your customer engagement strategies.

CentrePal Web Chat: The Power of Integration

At the heart of CentrePal Web Chat is its seamless integration within the Microsoft Teams agent experience app. This integration provides contact centre agents with exceptional functionality and convenience. Agents can effortlessly manage phone and chat queues from a single application, streamlining their workflows and ensuring a cohesive customer experience.

The real-time chat sessions panel also offers a comprehensive overview of all active, inactive, and awaiting chat sessions, enabling agents to prioritise and respond to customer inquiries efficiently.

AI-Generated Summaries for Enhanced Efficiency

CentrePal Web Chat’s AI helps agents to quickly and efficiently generate summaries of customer conversations. At the end of each session, agents can generate AI-powered summaries highlighting key points from the conversation, which can be uploaded automatically to your CRM or contact centre knowledge base. This innovative capability empowers agents to review essential details efficiently, leading to more effective customer service. With AI summarisation, CentrePal enhances agent productivity and provides personalised support tailored to each customer’s needs.

Quickly generate detailed wrap up notes of customer conversations with AI-powered chat summaries

Enable Self-Service with Knowledge Management

A defining factor of a high-performing customer service strategy is the ability to provide accurate information at the right time. With the pace of today’s digital world, customers expect instant answers, even outside of regular business hours. This is where CentrePal’s latest feature comes into play. We are proud to introduce Knowledge Management, a new step towards self-service capabilities in Web Chat. 

This transformative capability enables organisations to easily import their existing FAQ documents and knowledge bases to quickly deploy a self-service chatbot on their website. Customers gain instant access to information, ensuring 24/7 support availability, enhancing customer satisfaction, reducing operational costs, and freeing up agents for more complex cases. The seamless escalation from self-service to live chat, including smooth transfer of chat history, ensures continuous and enhanced customer experience.

Customisable Chat Widget for a Personalised Experience

CentrePal Web Chat offers a customisable chat widget that seamlessly blends with your brand identity. Organisations can match the chat widget’s appearance to their unique brand colours, including the chat button, header, and send button. Additionally, positioning options allow businesses to integrate the widget on any website effortlessly. Pre-chat forms capture customer details, enabling agents to gather essential information immediately. Welcome messages, bot names, and message prompts enhance the personalised experience, making customers feel valued and heard.

Customisable Chat Widget for a Personalised Experience
Easily personalise the chat widget's appearance and colour scheme to match your brand

Streamlined Customer Interaction and Convenience

With CentrePal Web Chat, organisations can provide customers a convenient way to engage with their brand. Ending conversations is as simple as clicking, ensuring smooth and effortless communication. From the website visitor’s perspective, CentrePal Web Chat enables seamless and real-time interactions. Customers can initiate conversations easily and receive prompt assistance, improving satisfaction and loyalty. CentrePal Web Chat bridges the gap between businesses and their customers, delivering a truly connected experience.

Looking Ahead: CentrePal's Continuous Innovation

CentrePal is committed to driving continuous innovation to meet the evolving needs of modern customer engagement. The debut of CentrePal Web Chat is just the beginning, with more exciting features and enhancements in the pipeline. The CentrePal team is dedicated to helping organisations transform their customer service and elevate their customer engagement strategies.

CentrePal Web Chat represents a significant advancement in contact centre solutions, empowering organisations to offer seamless and personalised customer service experiences. By leveraging the power of integration within Microsoft Teams, CentrePal Web Chat enables contact centre agents to deliver exceptional support across voice and chat channels.

With customisable chat widgets, AI-generated summaries, and streamlined customer interactions, CentrePal is revolutionising customer engagement.

Embrace CentrePal Web Chat to enhance customer interactions and provide a truly connected experience! Book in your demo today and see these ready-to-use features in action today!