Why use a native Call Centre for Teams

Collaboration and communication is everything in the modern business world. Organisations have gravitated to systems such as Agile and DevOps with the intention of inspiring teamwork and improving operational efficiency; and central to the success of these systems is a robust, unified communications system.

With so many companies using a variety of Microsoft tools, including Office 365 and Azure, choosing Teams as an integrated communications is an easy choice. Integrating Teams with other Microsoft products offers an opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses to boost their productivity, while still being scalable and robust enough for large scale organisations.

Seamless integration with a centralised communications system such as Microsoft Teams, empowers agents to communicate and collaborate through a single interface. Agents can use the integrated directory, search and presence features to find the subject matter or operating expert they need. They can determine availability and collaborate in real time with a single click. This ability to access information and collaborate with ease and in an instance would be a great contributor to higher efficiency and increased customer satisfaction.

The reliability and consistency of the Teams platform, built on Microsoft’s evergreen Azure infrastructure, ensures the platform’s continued support and reliability for the long term utility of organisations adopting the platform. This is further supplemented by future updates and new features of Teams being made available to the native contact centre.

The availability of Teams as a platform on a multitude of devices and mobile devices, gives the organisation the advantage of cost efficient, agile scalability as required, at minimal costs. An organisation could, for instance, double the size of its contact centre to sustain seasonal demand and then seamlessly downscale in the offseason at very low cost and reduced deployment time.

Centrepal is a Microsoft Teams native contact centre that has been created by an experienced team based in Australia with the passion to assist organisations in their digital communications and guide their digital transformations.