Decentralised Contact Centres

Decentralised contact centres is a model that has been gaining popularity within the business world and a key to making this model work is providing at-home agents with access to all the applications they use with full availability, reliability and speed. This can include their agent desktop, CRM, knowledge base, performance dashboards, quality monitoring tools, scheduling applications, and more.

Teams Decentralised Contact Centres

As the world continues to digitally transform, contact centre technology grows more complex. Chatbots and virtual agents are helping customers to solve their problems on their own. This means that contact centre agents can spend more of their time on solving more complex issues. At the same time, virtual assistants in the contact centre can surface valuable information for an agent, and help that person solve a customer problem faster.

Organisations with a mobile workforce need to evaluate the holistic customer experience (CX) they provide, especially as customers today are likely to connect in more channels and, therefore, with more employees. But this is not the only concern; companies that fail to better optimise their location-based frontline staff will suffer to stay profitable and maintain a high-level of CX.

This new remote working paradigm, as established by the COVID-19 novel coronavirus, is causing widespread disruption to a great number of businesses and their correlated support infrastructures.

To adequately service this number of employees working remotely, contact centre operators will have to turn to tools that powerfully support a variety of clientele across multiple platforms, yet are flexible enough to enable agents to work from pretty much anywhere, just like the people they are supporting.

This sort of omni-channel integration with varied mediums is made possible because CentrePal is a fully cloud-based solution. Being entirely hosted on cloud services means that soon, there will come a day when no-one needs to be physically present in the call centre itself. Get in touch with us today and learn more.