CentrePal on track for Microsoft Certification

Teams Contact Center Solution currently in the certification process

CentrePal is on track for Microsoft Certification and has recently been added to the Microsoft website as a solution currently in the certification process.

Using Microsoft’s most advanced integration model, ‘Extend and Power’, CentrePal has turned Microsoft’s most popular, most trusted, and most powerful collaboration and communications tool into the complete contact centre solution.

The listing is another significant milestone in CentrePal’s journey as one of the world’s first native contact centre solutions for Microsoft Teams.

Since hitting the market in 2021, CentrePal has had great success in helping their early adopters revolutionise their contact centre and customer service teams alike.

With CentrePal on track for Microsoft Certification, CentrePal APAC Partner Manager Jude Don was keen to thank existing customers and partners for placing their trust in CentrePal from its earliest days.

“This listing opens up a whole new world of opportunities for CentrePal and our partners,” he said.

“We strongly believe that CentrePal is the most mature and feature-rich platform on the market, and given we are using the most advanced level of integration into Teams, it made sense for us to pursue this Certification, and we are delighted to be a step closer to achieving it.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients and partners, who by becoming early adopters of CentrePal and trusting us with the contact centre have helped us demonstrate the immense potential our platform offers.

“They are the main reason why this product has achieved such a level of maturity in such a short amount of time.”

With both a full-scale contact centre solution and attendant console available, CentrePal has quickly positioned itself as a scalable solution for businesses big and small with a holistic feature set.

As an Australian based product organisation, CentrePal continues to focus on developing customer experience solutions for Microsoft Ecosystem.

With omnichannel capabilities set to arrive later this year, contact centre agents will soon be able to interact with customers no matter how they get in touch with the business , whilst CentrePal’s access agnostic capability provides ‘plug-and-play’ functionality, regardless of the business’ telephony infrastructure and providers. CentrePal seamlessly work with Calling Plans, Direct Routing and newly announced Operator Connect for PSTN calling without needing complex integrations and work-arounds.

Perhaps most importantly, native Microsoft Teams contact centre solutions, like CentrePal, provide instant mobility to the contact centre allowing agents to work from home, with all the benefits and security compliance offered by Teams.