Cloud Call Recording has become a Necessity

Businesses across all industries have had to scramble to find ways to record their customer interactions with off-site agents. Customer service organisations need to be able to monitor, assess and train their agents to maintain high customer service levels, mitigate costly disputes and ensure compliance. To make this happen without installing expensive remote hardware, businesses need an easy way to securely capture, store and replay their remote agent interactions.

To keep pace with your competition and to continue to serve your customers well, you need to ensure you have the right remote agent recording tools in your arsenal.

From quality assurance to employee training, compliance, record-keeping, dispute resolution, and more, there are dozens of reasons why organisations can benefit from recording calls.

Knowing exactly what your agents are saying to clients over the phone as well as how they’re saying it is the best way to pinpoint potential communication issues within your phone support on both the individual and group levels. Being aware too of exactly how clients are responding to certain phrasing or communication styles can be useful for modifying scripts that your agents use, which will ultimately increase client satisfaction.

The training of employees in charge of call processing will be much more effective if both a manager and an agent can listen to a previous call together and discuss its positive and negative aspects in detail. Agents who may be struggling can listen to their own calls repeatedly and learn to recognise potential pitfalls as well as things they’re doing right.

The ability to go back and listen to a certain client’s archived calls can be extremely valuable, if ever a situation arises involving confusion over a client purchase, for example. Recorded calls allow general client satisfaction levels to be gauged, and the quality of the assistance that your customer support is providing by phone to be evaluated. This will in turn permit you to effectively tailor IVR greetings and on-hold announcements as well as scripts for your agents in all departments.

Whether you work for a start-up with only a handful of part-timers or employ 1,000 people in a multi-site call center, your phone activity is likely an essential aspect of how you communicate with your client base, and CentrePal is here to assist you in transforming your company’s contact centre experience. Get in touch with us today!