Migrating Your Contact Centre to Teams

Collaboration is one of the biggest buzzwords in the communication industry today. Companies everywhere are searching for solutions that allow them to enhance and improve the conversations between their employees. One of the most popular tools for this move to a new collaborative strategy, is Microsoft Teams, the flagship tool from Microsoft.

However, Microsoft Teams isn’t just a solution for supporting collaboration in the office or enterprise. Used correctly, Teams can also be a powerful addition to the Contact Centre environment.

Businesses today are looking to implement quick solutions that support remote collaboration and business continuity, and the use of Microsoft Teams is only growing stronger as part of that trend. Companies have to find ways to update their communications methods and move to the cloud; while still being able to have contact centre features. The best way to do that is by finding a partner that enables both things.

The ability to use Teams effectively for both internal and external collaboration purposes also means that employees can conduct all their calls via the same familiar interface that they’re already using on a day-to-day basis.

Large organisations using more complex routing and legacy systems cannot migrate their phone systems to the cloud overnight. However, CentrePal allows these organisations to maintain their legacy infrastructure while enabling their users to immediately benefit from the integration with the Teams interface and steadily transition into a future proof solution. 

Migrate your contact centre to Microsoft Teams and reap its benefits with CentrePal. Contact our team today and find out more on how you can take your organisation’s contact centre to new heights.