Advanced Call Routing with MS Teams

Teams Contact Centre Advanced Call Routing

With the sudden shift to remote work during the global pandemic, many companies have been scrambling to modernise their working environments. At the forefront of this trend is the need to streamline communication for a globally distributed workforce.

Enterprises with global and remote workforces need a secure and reliable approach for communication and collaboration. This is especially true when working from home could become the new norm, and employees will no longer see each other in person every day.

In the past, traditional business telephony was sufficient, but in today’s fast-paced digital environment, these solutions have limitations. Modern workers often aren’t tied to a specific location, move offices frequently, and travel to meet clients or business partners. These situations make relying on communication infrastructure that’s on-premises a challenge.

Efficient collaboration—especially amongst a highly distributed workforce—is a key differentiator for enterprises. That’s because when workers can communicate across a wide variety of devices, apps, and media types, they’re often more productive. The ability to not only communicate in real-time using a variety of mediums, but also to share documents from a single interface can transform the employee experience.

Using Microsoft Teams for Voice allows users to be flexible and more effective in the way they communicate and collaborate. That’s because users can make and receive calls using any Teams-enabled device no matter where they are. Within the Team’s interface, users can also forward, transfer, or record calls as well. Microsoft Teams, therefore, can foster greater productivity across the organisation.

From a business perspective, an integrated platform for internal and external communication is much easier to manage. For example, organisations can adopt a standard policy across all locations, which can reduce complexity and lower administrative costs. Phone System administrators can also control calling options, add users, or make changes to user settings from the same dashboard used for managing all aspects of Microsoft Teams.

Having all the technology in place, so that your business’s contact centre can run smoothly is crucial if you want to give your customers an experience worth repeating. Here at CentrePal, we are specialists in providing businesses with all the tools they need to have a comprehensive customer service experience.